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                    1. Welcome: Changzhou Jin Yi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
                      Language: Chinese ∷  English

                      Temperature monitoring

                      • Multichannel temperature and humidity recorder
                      • Multichannel temperature and humidity recorder
                      Multichannel temperature and humidity recorderMultichannel temperature and humidity recorder

                      Multichannel temperature and humidity recorder

                      JK7000 touch screen multi-channel temperature and humidity recorder has been widely used in all walks of life due to its rich display, flexible mode of operation, powerful recording, operation, control and management functions.This product is absorbed the advantages of paperless recorder at home and abroad, the technology of microelectronic technology, communication technology, data storage and display the latest application, is a complete function, convenient operation, accurate and reliable, cost-effective products.The input part is the unit type of 8CH. You can use the amount of architecture you use to avoid wasting space. The host itself can be extended to 8 units at most, totaling 64CH
                      JK7000 touch screen multi-channel temperature and humidity recorder configuration can be rich, DC current, voltage and resistance signals of various types, temperature, humidity and other physical quantity display, record, limit monitoring, report generation, data communication, signal transmission and flow accumulation function.
                      JK7000 touch screen multi-channel temperature and humidity recorder mainly consists of LCD screen, button, ARM microprocessor as the core of the motherboard, the main power supply, external transmitter power supply, intelligent channel board, large capacity FLASH and so on:
                      * can be equipped with different types of smart channel boards, which are selected according to application requirements.
                      * built in large capacity FLASH that can dump data from the FLASH to the computer via the U disk. The built-in FLASH has a capacity of 64M bytes and 8 channels if it is recorded once in 20 seconds. It can record 865 days and record the data of all channels as fast as 1 second.
                      * digital display, bar chart display, real-time curve picture, recall curve picture
                      * recall the curve reading cursor function.
                      * measuring and displaying basic errors:±0.2% F?S

                      * configurable 12 point alarm function.
                      * configurable 8 point change output, photoelectric isolation, error less than±0.2% F?S
                      Current output(4~20)mA, (0~10) mA, (0~20) mA optional。
                      voltage output(0~5)V, (1~5) V optional。
                      The factory defaults to (5) V, indicating other types of order.
                      JK7000 touch screen temperature recorder functional features
                      This product shows a large amount of information, friendly interface, simple operation, the following are the main features:

                      * no pen and no paper records, daily maintenance work is very small, low operating costs;
                      * use high brightness color 7 inch TFT LCD screen, CCFL backlight, clear picture;
                      * using ARM microprocessor, at the same time to achieve the most 64 signal acquisition, recording, display and alarm;
                      * use 70MB large capacity FLASH flash memory chip to store historical data, lose power and never lose data;
                      * fully isolated universal input, can input a variety of signals at the same time, without changing modules, through software configuration can;
                      * the numerical range of the displayed engineering data is wider, showing 5 bit values: -9999~19999;
                      * can configure, display engineering bit number, engineering unit, there is flow accumulation;
                      * with flashing alarm display, at the same time indicate the lower and lower limit, upper limit and upper limit alarm of each channel, and the 8 way relay alarm output;

                      *Configurable 8 point change output, photoelectric isolation, the error is less than±0.2% F?S;
                      *The display accuracy is high, and the basic error is±0.2% F?S;
                      * temperature and pressure compensation supports signal input, constant selection, and provides a variety of compensation models, such as superheated steam, saturated steam, pressure compensation, and other common compensation models;
                      * built in GB2312 Chinese characters library, use Quanpin input method;
                      * equipped with standard four USB interfaces, with the U disk to transfer the historical data fast and convenient; also access to the keyboard and mouse;
                      * standard serial communication interface with RS485 and RS232C with even band isolation;

                      * support standard ModBus RTU protocol (optional function), in addition to supporting the company's data management software, but also support the MCGS, king view, and other popular configuration software;
                      * using high quality switching power supply, can work in AC power AC 85V~265V wide voltage range;
                      * provide transmitter, DC, 24V, isolation, distribution;

                      JK7000 touch screen temperature recorder display

                      *7 inch color TFT display
                      * four basic pictures: digital display screen, bar picture display screen, real-time curve picture and recall curve screen
                      * the basic error is less than± 0.3%F * S, the digital display range -9999~19999
                      * measurement resolution: 1/60000, 16 bit AD converter
                      * real time curve recording interval of 1 second ~9999 seconds, step setting, corresponding to the whole screen curve time 30 seconds ~300 minutes
                      * recall curve intervals are set from 1 second to 9999 seconds
                      JK7000 touch screen temperature recorder input signal

                      The input signal includes DC current, DC voltage, thermal resistance, thermocouple, remote pressure meter five types, through the key input, selection, isolation universal input, without jumper.
                      *DC current:(4~20)mA,(0~10)mA,(0~20)mA
                      *DC voltage:(1~5)V ,(0~5)V(0~10)V, (1~10) V
                      *Thermal resistance:Pt100(Three wire system)
                      * temperature & humidity: 2301 temperature and humidity probes are available, which can be tested directly (-20 to 110 degrees) (humidity 20% through 98%)
                      * other input signals or graduation numbers should be indicated when ordering.
                      JK7000 series touch screen paperless recorder external power supply
                      *DC 24V: power for transmitter power supply maximum load capacity is less than or equal to 200mA; (optional lithium battery powered portable).

                      JK7000 Technical specifications for multichannel temperature recorders



                      display mode

                      7 inch TFT LCD screen

                      display form

                      Data display, bar chart display, real-time curve display

                      channel number

                      Standard 8 channels, up to 64 channels (additional purchase, 8 channels for each module)

                      Module socket


                      K Type thermocouple

                      -100~1370 accuracy :±0.5%+0.6

                      J?Type thermocouple

                      -100~1200 accuracy :±0.5%+0.6

                      T?Type thermocouple

                      -100~400 accuracy :±0.5%+0.5

                      N?Type thermocouple

                      0-1300 accuracy :±0.5%+0.6

                      R?Type thermocouple

                      300~1768 accuracy :±0.5%+0.8

                      S?Type thermocouple

                      300~1768 accuracy :±0.5%+0.9


                      0%RH-99%RH (Required humidity sensor: power supply voltage DC5V current: About2mA

                      Service temperature range-40~80


                      PT100 Thermal resistance

                      -200~660 accuracy :±0.5%+0.3



                      Record interval

                      1S-24h?Can be arbitrarily set


                      Built in 64M storage, U disk storage (U disk, you need to buy other)

                      Alarm function

                      Set upper, upper, lower and lower bounds



                      power supply

                      AC 65V-240V ,DC 24V Lithium battery power supply (optional)


                      285*300*125mm(Length * width * depth)



                      JK7000 touch screen temperature recorder communication printing interface (optional function)
                      * opto isolation
                      *RS232, RS485 standard, Ethernet interface, indicating when ordering
                      * communication rate 96001920057600115200, by setting selection
                      * supporting test software, providing configuration software and application software technical support
                      * optional Modbus RTU protocol to communicate with the host computer
                      JK7000 touch screen temperature recorder power supply condition

                      *AC 220V power supply meter: AC 85~265V, power consumption is less than 25VA
                      *DC 24V power supply instrument: 24V ± 10%, power consumption is less than 25VA
                      Note: the actual power consumption is related to the number of instrument acquisition modules

                      JK7000 touch screen temperature recorder environment and other

                      * operating temperature range: 0 ~50
                      * storage temperature range: -20 DEG C, ~70 C
                      * work humidity range: less than 85%R.H, no condensation
                      * instrument weight: maximum about 3.8Kg

                      Shape and dimension of JK7000 touch screen paperless recorder

                      * in order to ensure safety, wiring must be conducted after power failure.
                      * AC power supply instrument, whose (PG) end is the common end of the power filter, there is high voltage, can only connect the ground, forbid to connect with other terminals of the instrument.
                      * this manual provides the basic wiring diagram and is limited by the number of terminals. When the instrument function is in conflict with the basic wiring diagram, the wiring diagram shall be specified in a random manner.
                      Size: 290*130*300mm (length * width * depth)

                      CONTACT US

                      Changzhou Jin Yi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.






                      address:A new dynamic business center No. 1 Tianning District QINGYUANG North Road 22 C3