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                    1. Welcome: Changzhou Jin Yi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
                      Language: Chinese ∷  English

                      WiFi data recorder

                      • JK9000 Multichannel data recorder
                      • JK9000 Multichannel data recorder
                      • JK9000 Multichannel data recorder
                      JK9000 Multichannel data recorderJK9000 Multichannel data recorderJK9000 Multichannel data recorder

                      JK9000 Multichannel data recorder

                      *Single - up to 64 channel data acquisition test
                      *- multiple test unit synchronous measurement (up to 8 units)
                      *In each test unit can freely swap
                      *- universal input: current, voltage, thermal resistance, thermocouple, pressure
                      *- basic accuracy: 0.2% F - S
                      *- with 10.1 inch color LCD touch screen, display resolution is 1024*600
                      *- keyboard, mouse, plug and play
                      *- the function of temperature compensation (TC)
                      *In the trend of the seamless display of historical data
                      *- screen information is stored in the U disk
                      *Real time data storage function preservation - convenient measurement results
                      *- automatic instrument operation through USB HOST software upgrade
                      *In English - optional operation interface
                      *File operating system - flexible and convenient
                      *In the WiFi interface for the realization of on-line operation
                      *- RS232 USB HOST, USB, Device, LAN, and PC can be convenient for data communication and remote control of instruments
                      Display features:
                      * use high brightness color 10.1 inch TFT LCD screen, CCFL backlight, clear picture;
                      * rich display, powerful data search function, status indicator function
                      * intuitive touch screen operations
                      * with flashing alarm display, at the same time indicate the lower and lower limit, upper limit and upper limit alarm of all channels;
                      There are four basic pictures: digital display, bar picture display, real-time curve picture, recall curve and picture
                      * real time curve recording interval of 1 second ~9999 seconds, step setting, corresponding to the whole screen curve time 30 seconds ~300 minutes
                      * recall curve intervals are set from 1 second to 9999 seconds
                      * recall the curve reading cursor function.

                      Flexible construction:
                      When more channels are needed, the i/o module can be added
                      Relay alarm output;
                      Configurable 8 point change output, photoelectric isolation, the error is less than + 0.2% F ? S;
                      Basic function
                      * using ARM microprocessor, at the same time to achieve the most 64 signal acquisition, recording, display and alarm
                      The display accuracy is high, and the basic error is + 0.2% F = S;;
                      * built in GB2312 Chinese characters library, use Quanpin input method;
                      * equipped with standard three USB interfaces, with the U disk to transfer the historical data fast and convenient; also access to the keyboard and mouse;
                      Power supply:
                      With high-quality brand-name switching power supply, can work in AC power AC 85V~265V wide voltage range;
                      * provide transmitter, DC, 24V, isolation, distribution;
                      * through EMCIII level, ensure the instrument work well in bad environment
                      Input signal
                      * DC current, DC voltage, thermal resistance, thermocouple, pressure class, select by key input, isolated universal input,
                      * temperature and pressure compensation supports signal input, constant selection, and provides a variety of compensation models, such as superheated steam, saturated steam, pressure compensation, and other common compensation models;
                      * DC current: (4~20) mA, (0~10) mA, (0~20) mA
                      * DC voltage: (1~5) V, (0~5) V (0~10) V, (1~10) V
                      * thermal resistance: Pt100 (three wire system)
                      * thermocouples: K, S, R, B, N, E, J, T, cu50
                      * temperature & humidity: 2305 temperature and humidity probes are available, which can be tested directly (-20 to 110 degrees) (humidity 20% through 98%)
                      Choose AM2001 humidity module (3%, condition: AT25 degrees C, 60%RH, other conditions are accuracy 5%),
                      * other input signals or graduation numbers should be indicated when ordering.
                      Communication and print interface (optional function)
                      * opto isolation
                      *RS232 and RS485 standards
                      * communication rate 96001920057600115200, by setting selection
                      * supporting test software, providing configuration software and application software technical support
                      * optional Modbus RTU protocol to communicate with the host computer
                      * support standard ModBus RTU protocol (optional function), in addition to supporting the company's data management software, but also support the MCGS, king view, and other popular configuration software;
                      Relay alarm output; configuration 12 point alarm function.
                      * configurable 8 point change output, photoelectric isolation, error is less than + 0.2% F = S
                      Current output (4~20), mA, (0~10) mA, (0~20) mA are optional.
                      Voltage output (0~5) V, (1~5) V optional.
                      The factory defaults to (4~20) mA, indicating other types of orders.
                      Storage: large internal memory 700MB
                      Support for long, multi-channel recording of large capacity FLASH, you can quickly transfer data from the FLASH to the computer through the U disk. The built-in FLASH has a capacity of 64M bytes and 8 channels if it is recorded once in 20 seconds. It can record 65 days and record the data of all channels as fast as 1 second.
                      Sampling time measurement of display data files CH=24,
                      Internal storage 700MB
                      Display update(minute/div) 30 minute
                      sampling period(s) 60 sec
                      Total sampling time about 12 month

                      Sample time measurement of event data files CH=24,

                      internal storage 128MB
                      sampling period(s) 1 sec
                      Total sampling time about 1.5 month

                      * the standard of the instrument itself is: 2 meters long K thermocouple, temperature range: 0-260 degrees centigrade, and other special requirements, please note before ordering * * can be equipped with different types of intelligent channel board, according to the application requirements.
                      Analog input module

                      Model JK9008
                      Input type (input      point: 8)
                      Input range Test accuracy(integration time 16.7ms or more) Display resolution
                      DCV 1~5V ±(0.05% of rdg +3mv) 1mV
                      k ±(0.05% of rdg +0.7℃) 0.1℃
                      RTO Pt100 ±(0.05% of rdg +0.3℃) 0.1℃

                      When the measurement period is 100ms, the number of channels  may be limited in order to meet the measurement accuracy

                      Scan interval 100/200/500ms,1/2/5s
                      Power supply and power waste Main power supply ,power waste:≤15W
                      insulation resistance Between the input loop and the internal loop:≥20MΩ(when 500 VAC)
                      Withstand voltage Between the input loop and the internal loop:2500VAC/1 Minute;Between analog input channels: 500VAC/1 minutes (excluding B terminals)
                      Terminals type Plug-in Type
                      Weight About 0.3kg
                      Withstand voltage Between the output loop and the internal loop:3000VAC / Minute

                      Digital output module
                      Model JK9009
                      Output type(output  point:6) Relay contact
                      Rated load voltage 100-240VAC OR 5-24VAC
                      MAX load voltage/current 264VAC OR 26.4VAC、3A/point(resistance load)
                      Power supply and power waste Main power supply ,power waste:≤3.5W
                      insulation resistance Between the output loop and the internal loop:≥20MΩ(when 500 VAC)
                      Terminals type Plug-in Type
                      Weight About 0.3kg

                      Application industry
                      1.SMT industry temperature data monitoring;
                      2. electronic equipment factory temperature data monitoring;
                      3. temperature monitoring of electronic products;
                      4. temperature monitoring in cold storage;
                      5. pharmaceutical GMP monitoring system;
                      6. environmental monitoring;
                      7. telecommunication room monitoring;
                      8. warehouse temperature monitoring;
                      9. process temperature monitoring;
                      10. beer production;
                      11. air conditioning monitoring;
                      12. petroleum instruments and equipment;
                      13. computer room environment monitoring project;
                      14. warehouse environmental monitoring engineering;
                      15. monitoring data of plastic machinery and equipment;
                      16., colleges and universities do experiments;
                      17. vegetable greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring etc..

                      CONTACT US

                      Changzhou Jin Yi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.






                      address:A new dynamic business center No. 1 Tianning District QINGYUANG North Road 22 C3