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                    1. Welcome: Changzhou Jin Yi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
                      Language: Chinese ∷  English

                      Multi channel

                      •  JK5000 Wifi multi-channel date logger
                      •  JK5000 Wifi multi-channel date logger
                       JK5000 Wifi multi-channel date logger JK5000 Wifi multi-channel date logger

                      JK5000 Wifi multi-channel date logger

                      The newly upgraded JK5000 is a multi-channel temperature recorder controlled by ARM microprocessor , Using 5 inch color display multiple parallel test. Multi channel temperature recorder for  multi-channel temperature acquisition, alarm, and communication transmission. WiFi module can receive data wirelessly. Compatible with a variety of temperature sensors, fast response, stable data, while the detection of broken off function. JK5000 series sampling of the most advanced testing principle , Make temperature test resolution to 0.1 degrees. With a wide range of adaptability ,support K/N/E/J/T/R/S/B type thermocouple. Test range from -200℃ to 1900℃ .
                      Multi channel temperature recorder standard RS232 interface can directly upload data to the PC. USB interface in the PC connection is not convenient, The measured data can be saved directly to the U disk, and when necessary,can  transferred  the data to the PC.and Module combination is Acceptable. Whether you need only a few simple data record channels, or hundreds of thousands of channels, And provide free communication through PC software can easily achieve data acquisition, analysis and printing. The use of solid vibration resistant shell, can work in harsh environments. Fully isolated digital and analog signals, JK5008U standard U disk interface to support real-time data storage. At the same time test and display instrument curve number can be arbitrarily extended, permanent upgrade

                      Characteristic :
                      1: large screen color LCD (5 inches) measurement window shows all parameters, Including DC voltage, DC current, DC power, AC voltage, AC current, AC power, power factor, frequency, power, temperature, thermal resistance (PT100, PT1000), humidity, Resistance, as well as voltage signal and current signal of various transmitters (such as: pressure, flow, liquid level, etc.);
                      2:thermal resistance: PT100, PT1000 two probes;
                      3.:Highly humanized operation interface ,simple and clear, no noise at work.
                      4: 8, 16, 24 (32) data acquisition in real time, Display simultaneously on the same interface.
                      5:ARM microprocessor using chip integrated circuit, The stability and accuracy are further improved,
                      6:The volume of the instrument is reduced and the weight is reduced.
                      7 :USB interface, the collected data can be stored in the U disk, Through the computer monitoring software to collect the data or U disk storage data generated by the temperature curve analysis, Export (Excel) save, print, etc. Apply to users who are not particularly convenient for connecting computers.
                      8: instrument temperature curve display
                      9:computer communication software (free of charge, free upgrade): acquisition, storage, print temperature data and draw the temperature curve.,Easy for users to query and analyze data.
                      10: thermal resistance, thermocouple, voltage, current, humidity and other signal input.
                      11: instrument with alarm relay output
                      12: the machine also has a date and time, Power off still working;

                      13: communication interface: with RS232 communication head or USB communication head with computer communication or RS485) ,The longest communication distance up to 1000 meters, A computer can be connected at the same time a number of temperature tester (while monitoring multiple data)

                      Model JK5008S Multichannel data recorder JK5008U Multichannel temperature tester
                      Input type Thermal resistance, thermocouple, voltage, current, humidity thermocouple,:J/K/T/E/S/N/B type  PT100 PT1000(Need customization
                      Channel number 8 Road, 16 Road, 24 Road 32, 40 Road, 48 Road, 64 Road
                      customize can be extended to 128 Road
                      8 Road, 16 Road, 24 Road 32, 40 Road, 48 Road, 64 Road
                      display 320*234  5.6inch TFTcolor screen 480*272 5.0 inch  TFT color screen

                      measuring range
                      Measuring temperature range:E\J\K\N\R\S\T\pt100 type \voltage\current
                      DC voltage:0~20mV,0~100mV,0~5V,1~5V current:0~10mA,4~20mA
                      measuring accuracy:0~1000℃:±(reading×0.5%+1)℃, -100~0℃:±(reading×0.5%+2)℃
                      Display resolution 1mV  0.1℃
                      U disk storage yes
                      withstand voltage Between the input circuit and the internal loop :3000VAC/1 Min,Between analog input channels:1000VAC/1 Min
                      Scanning speed 100ms
                      Internal storage Yes
                      curve tracing Yes
                      communication interface RS232 or RS485
                      software kit 2015 edition V1.3 software
                      Alarm mode One road Public alarm (relay output)
                      Voltage output Internal independent power output
                      Anti-interference Anti high frequency interference
                      Single screen display 32 road
                      Temperature correction Yes
                      Other fuction time clock feature function, calendar function
                      Terminal type M3 screw pin
                      Permissible environmental conditions 1、Power Supply Voltage:AC 220V±10%,50Hz±2%;
                      2、Use environment:working temperature:-20-70℃,relative humidity:20%-90%;
                      Outline dimension (depth×width×height)30cm×25cm×13cm Machine weight:about 5kg
                      E type : -50.0℃~ 800.0℃
                      J type: -50.0℃~1000.0℃
                      K type : -50.0~1200.0℃
                      N type : -50.0℃~1200.0℃
                      R type: -50.0℃~1500.0℃
                      S type: -50.0℃~1500.0℃
                      T type: -50.0℃~ 400.0℃
                      pt100 type : -50.0℃~ 400.0℃
                      voltage:0~20mV,0~100mV,0~5V,1~5V ,

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