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                    1. Welcome: Changzhou Jin Yi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
                      Language: Chinese ∷  English

                      About us

                      Changzhou Jinko Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Changzhou city Anlian Technology Co. Ltd.) was founded in 2000, is a collection research and development, manufacturing, marketing in one of the private high-tech enterprises. Is located in the economically developed, gathering of talents, convenient transportation of the Yangtze River delta. The company in Changzhou City, Qingyang Road No. 1, Changzhou Tianning Economic Development Zone (Tianning district's first high-tech business incubator) located in Qingyang Road and City Avenue at the junction of Changzhou hub, close to the Changzhou municipal government, the Changzhou Olympic Stadium in dragon road side. Ten minutes away from Changzhou railway station.

                      After 10 years of development, Kim AI Alliance (Jinko) has developed a number of series, the thirty varieties. Mainly include: LCR series digital bridge; capacitance, inductance measurement (separation) series; leakage current tester; DC low resistance tester, MOS tester, transistor tester, temperature tester, paperless recorder, electrical parameter measuring instrument, and other high precision testing instrument measuring instrument. Other power supply products such as: DC regulated power supply, high power switching power supply.

                      The Jinko instrument is stable and reliable, cost-effective favored by users, has been widely used in various industries, including Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of physics, 211st Chinese Ordnance Industry Research Institute, Hefei Aerospace Institute, the United States of Guangdong, Nanjing panda, Guangdong hung, Guangdong Yangtze River group, Hubei electronic product quality supervision and Inspection Institute Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute China Coal Science Research Institute Shanghai branch of Nanjing University Wuhan Naval University of Engineering Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics Institute of Wuhan NEC Guangzhou Matsushita air conditioning Sakura Sichuan Changhong Beijing BYD automobile electronic industry center, Shanghai Univer, Shanghai station, Gardner Denver, China University of Geosciences College of mathematics and physics, bangshen electronic, SHARP electronic Gardner Denver, Jiangsu, eging optoelectronics, Changzhou Huawei electronics, Zhejiang Longwei group, Hisense air conditioning, Jiangsu Jiangyang group, Ai O Smith, Jiangsu Huaxi Group, three, the first computer, Tianjin dimaiping, Huarun core power semiconductor JK17 instrumentation network is through the years we synthesized each advantage on the basis of introduction an instrument Trading platform. We combine their own R & D and production and the advantages of close cooperation with colleagues to build.

                      The section in the development process, has always been the precondition of high-quality talent and technology progress as the development of. We believe in the future of the exhibition, technical innovation and meticulous services will play a greater role.

                      To enable customers to quickly obtain the products and services we want to enjoy Jinke, establish a sound marketing network and service system in the country. The company's website has also gradually become a fast channel of communication between supply and demand.

                      Changzhou Jin AI Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. adhere to the production of intelligent, accurate, user-friendly instrument as the goal, dedicated to provide users with a variety of test programs and quality services.


                      The instrument department main products directory: LCR digital bridge, capacitance tester, inductance tester, electrolytic capacitor leakage current tester, DC low resistance tester, transformer integrated test, the transistor tester / instrument, MOS instrument, desktop multimeter grounding resistance tester, programmable voltage tester, leakage current tester, insulation resistance tester, insulation tester, electronic load, temperature tester, torque tester etc..


                      Power supply products are: DC regulated power supply / high-power parallel switching power supply / inverter power supply

                      The company is specialized in the research, development and manufacture of AC/DC, DC/DC switching power supply, DC regulated power supply and solar charging controller. Strong technical force, with many years of switching power supply development and production, manufacturing experience.

                      Companies adhere to the "quality is the life of the enterprise," the principle of production of the "Jinai" series of switching power supply and DC power supply performance is superior to all parts of the country and has been well received. Companies in strict accordance with the ISO9001-2000 standards of production and management, product aging of a passing rate of more than 99% years, Fanxiu rate is less than 0.3%.


                      CONTACT US

                      Changzhou Jin Yi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.






                      address:A new dynamic business center No. 1 Tianning District QINGYUANG North Road 22 C3