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                    1. Welcome: Changzhou Jin Yi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
                      Language: Chinese ∷  English

                      ABOUT US

                      ABOUT US

                      Changzhou Jinko Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Changzhou city Anlian Technology Co. Ltd.) was founded in 2000, is a collection research and development, manufacturing, marketing in one of the private high-tech enterprises. Is located in the economically developed, gathering of talents, convenient transportation of the Yangtze River delta. The company in Changzhou City, Qingyang Road No. 1, Changzhou Tianning Economic Development Zone (Tianning district's first high-tech business incubator) located in Qingyang Road and City Avenue at the junction of Changzh...

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                      Changzhou Jin Yi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.






                      address:A new dynamic business center No. 1 Tianning District QINGYUANG North Road 22 C3